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Books for Christian Singles.

By purchasing a book from our bookstore, you help keep this site free. We have an affiliate account with Amazon.com, so the purchases go through them, but we earn a percentage of the purchase amount. If you use This Link first whenever you buy anything on Amazon.com, we earn a portion without any additional cost to you so we would certainly appreciate you going through us on your way to Amazon.com. Below are some books that we recommend and when you click the "Buy Now" links, we also earn a percentage from Amazon.com for your purchase. Thank you!


The Book Journal  

The Book Journal: Your Reading Adventures
by James Laymond Publishing

With The Book Journal in your hands, gone are the days of forgetting the key details of the books you read. Reading is an adventure that must be chronicled and The Book Journal brings out the details of your favorite reads like none other.

Makes a great gift for the avid readers in your life!


The Blank Cookbook  

The Blank Cookbook: For Your Recipes
by James Laymond Publishing

A cookbook with recipes that you add! Perfect for passing down family favorites in addition to keeping your favorite recipes stored and easily accessible when you need them.

Makes a great gift for mom or the chef in your life!


The Mason Jar  

The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels
by Lee Wilson

When Hannah Sawyer dropped out of college after losing her scholarship she spent five years weaning herself of alpha males and alcohol, but when she returns to finish her degree she finds those things in the intoxicating blue eyes of Daniel. She should have left when he cut his arm with a car key to show her his white blood. Or when he had a run-in with a dark angel on their date. But Hannah stays, entranced by this man who remains a mystery to her.


The Mason Jar  

The Mason Jar
by James Russell Lingerfelt

The Mason Jar is a coming-of-age love story. When Clayton attends college in Southern California, he meets and falls in love with a dark, debutante, named Savannah. However, when an unmentioned past resurrects in her life and she vanishes, Clayton is left with unanswered questions.



Your Love Path  

Your Love Path

Christian relationship expert Joe Beam helps show singles the path to finding love and how people fall in love with each other.

When you understand how the path works, you'll know not only how to find love, but how to know if the love you find is developing in the way that life-long love should.



The True Heaven: Better Than You Thought

"What will Heaven be like?" Have you ever wondered? Do you want to know what the Bible means when it talks about "the New Earth" and "the Kingdom of Heaven?" If so, Lee Wilson and Joe Beam have teamed up to provide a fast-paced, exciting book on Heaven and the afterlife.

Whether you are a casual student or an educated theologian, The True Heaven will give you a glimpse into the home God plans for His children.

Subjects Covered in the Book

  • Will humans turn into angels in Heaven?
  • Will humans have physical bodies in Heaven or will we simply be spirits in the afterlife?
  • What is the Kingdom of Heaven?
  • What is the New Earth and what will be its use?
  • Will animals and pets be in Heaven?
  • Will we recognize our relatives and friends?
  • What happens when we die?
  • Are the dead aware of what is happening now?
  • Will I keep my memories of this life?
  • What will I do in an eternity in Heaven?

Seeing the Unseen

Seeing the Unseen

Written by Joe Beam

"Spiritual wake-up calls shouted at me chapter after chapter. This book is disturbing, convicting, and mighty helpful!" -Mike Cope

A description of Seeing the Unseen

Imagine for a minute that you are in a war. You're on the frontlines. You see the explosions, and you smell the smoke.

Wounded loved ones are falling around you, and you want to fight back; but the unseen enemy seems to be everywhere, and seems to have the advantage. If only you could know the strategies of this unseen enemy, then you could know where he will strike next and how to fight him.

This war, of course, is not between two countries and is not waged with earthly weapons, but it is very real, and you are living in it right now. This war is spiritual, and the enemy you fight is not of this world but of the unseen spiritual world.

In this newly revised and updated bestseller, Joe Beam reveals Satan's powerful weaponry--his lies, deceptions, and manipulations--and unmasks his strategy to destroy your life and those you care for. This is not a book of wild sensationalism; rather, it is a dedicated study of God's Word and a sharing of stories of tragedy and triumph.

Open this book, uncover your enemy, and prepare for victory.


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