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How To Build a Spiritual Dating Relationship

by Jeremy Walden

I never really thought about the connection between dating and spirituality when I was younger - except don't have sex because God said so.

It wasn't until my mid-twenty's that I wondered how another person could help me connect with God. How could I help another person connect with God?

Hopefully without sounding oversimplistic, here are four simple ways to build a spiritual relationship:

First, spend time together talking and listening to God. There is nothing like praying with the person you are dating. It takes the relationship to a completely different level.

Second, spend time alone with God. It is possible for you to want to spend all your time together. However, it is most often when you are alone that God tells you His secrets. God wants YOU. He wants to show and tell you things. He wants to spend time alone with you even more than you want to spend time alone with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Third, give God control. Your Jesus-relationship has to change and influence every slice of your life. When that happensó who you date, how you treat each other, where you go, and what you do together will change. It is called lordship. Fourth, serve God together. Volunteer together to help the elderly, the hungry, or those in prison.

I had a tendency when dating to push God out of the way. I needed to keep Him central to everything I do. I realized that I was not just trying to maintain this dating relationship. I also needed to maintain my relationship with God and help my partner maintain her relationship with God.

- Jeremy Walden is the husband of Jara, father of Micah, and co-author of Dating Q & A. He owns Next Gen Publishing.

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 Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 9:47 pm  Post subject:

Yes maintaining a spiritual relationship with God and the person your corresponding.It so easy to leave the Lord out.Going by our feelings are not His voice but emotions.
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