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Angela and Steve

It happened very casually in August 2004. Another slow day at work, Angela surfed the internet and came upon a Christian dating website called Real Christian Singles.

Angela was quite surprised she was able to access this site, since she works for the government and there have always been firewalls in the computer system denying access to sites that have anything to do with dating/sex/pornography, gambling, etc.

However, since she was able to get on RealChristianSingles.com, she thought she would create a profile and search for a "genuine" man of God. There were a few profiles that interested her, but nobody that made much of an impression. That is until August 30th 2004.

Upon coming across Steveís profile, she was instantly taken with his comment about his favorite bible verse - "Verse? How about the whole book"?

That and the fact that he is in the optical field and Angela works in an ophthalmology clinic. So, Angela dropped Steve a line and he replied the next day. A couple of days later, they exchanged phone numbers.

One thing that really shocked and pleased Steve during their FIRST phone call was that Angela was familiar with The Way of the Master - an evangelical school that gives Christians the tools that they need to enhance their witnessing experiences to non-believers. Steve had taken courses through the school, and hadnít come across many Christians who were familiar with them. The first phone call lasted an entire afternoon.

Shortly thereafter, Angela and Steve were speaking on the phone one evening, and they knew that they had fallen in love with each other. Steve knew the heart of Angela like nobody else had and it brought her to tears. Steve than asked Angela to open up her bible and read what she had opened to. It was Proverbs 30. That night after their conversation, Steve had prayed and asked the Lord to show him if Angela was the woman he was to spend the rest of his life with. The next morning on the way to work, Steve was listening to a Christian radio program and the preacher was speaking on Proberbs 30. He was speechless.

A few days later during a work meeting Steve was involved in, he found out his Regional Director was moving to the South East area where Angela lives. He told Steve that if he ever relocated to the southeast to let him know.

After these events, Angela and Steve knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord had brought them together, and would make things happen for a permanent relationship.

Their first meeting was October 7th, 2004 and that night Steve proposed to Angela and she accepted. He even had the ring custom made ahead of time, he was so confident that God had brought them together. Wedding plans are for June 2005 in the Caribbean.

Praise God for His goodness!

Thanks RCS of helping us find each other!!!!

Angela and Steve

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