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Marge and Lou

Marge - I joined the site in October, 2006, hoping to meet some good Christians for friendship and the possibility of finding that special someone. I didnít really expect to meet anyone for a while let alone start regular communication with anyone, but as I was reading through profiles, I came across one that made me stop and really read it. His name was Lou and he was born in a small town that most people would never have heard of, but I just happened to have visited the year before. I thought, ďIíve got to tell this guy, I know that town, Iíve been there.Ē So I sent him a wink, since I was a little shy and didnít want to send a private message right away. He emailed me back and we started messaging each other. I told him I had been to his birth town and he told me he had been to a town close to where I lived. He lives in Georgia and I live in Pennsylvania, so it was amazing that he knew the city where I worked. That gave us a starting place for conversation and before we knew it, we were messaging every day. About a week or so later, we exchanged personal email addresses and were sending emails to each other several times a day.

The following week, we exchanged phone numbers and started talking on the phone. It was pretty amazing, we never ran out of things to talk about. We each spent a lot of time in prayer about the relationship, asking for Godís will. We both felt peace about continuing, so we kept talking. A little over a month later, we knew we were in love.

We spent hours on the phone, sometimes all night. It was amazing how well we were getting to know one another. We made plans to meet in December, exactly 2 months after we met on RealChristianSingles.com. It was a wonderful weekend. It was really great to go to church together. By the time he left, we both knew that this was something special. We spent New Yearís together, meeting half way and then I went to visit him over Valentineís Day. We had been talking as if we knew we were going to be married, but I knew for certain after that weekend. We had been discussing plans for him to make the move north, if we were to get married, but things just didnít seem to be working out. One night, I said something about me moving down there, and suddenly everything started falling into place. In April, we set the date and got engaged. We are getting married August 11, 2007.

I had been single for 17 years when we met. I had always told God that if He wanted me to get married again, He would have to bring the guy to me and I gave Him a list of non-negotiable qualities the man would need to have. God is just so amazing. He has given me the desire of my heart and has found someone who embodies every non-negotiable quality on my list. Be careful when you challenge God; He loves to step up the plate and surprise you!

Lou Ė I joined the site roughly at the same time as Marge. I wasn't sure what to expect from the site, but I was exploring. I didn't venture into the forums much, too shy. Marge contacted me, one small item in a profile started a relationship. Through all the emails and phone conversations we grew to know each other well. We met in December in Pennsylvania, on a cold, cold and yes cold weekend. Needless to say the first meeting that weekend went well. We've been able to see each other approximately every two months or less. You can find that special person on RealChristianSingles.com, but you need God's strength and patience to support you over the long distances. Our wedding day is swiftly approaching, but we'll still be apart for a period as we combine our households and lives. We have done a lot of praying and waiting for signs from God to guide us. You must be open, willing and patient to make this or any relationship work. One simple item, a small seed and love can grow.

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