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Online Dating Safety Tips


We want you to have fun online and offline. Some common-sense tips can help keep you safe:

    1. Never give out your home phone number as an initial means of contact. Use private messages on this site as you get to know each other. Over time an e-mail address or cell phone number might be reasonable to provide but there is no need to rush. That's why we provide PRIVATE messaging for you - so that you may remain private as you decide to start a relationship with someone or not.

    2. Do not ever give money to someone you only know from online conversations. Scammers get into all kinds of dating websites and forum-based websites and will give you a hard-luck story about how badly they need money. This is almost certainly a scam. Please believe us.

    3. For the first meeting we strongly recommend that you bring a friend with you. Make it a double date!

    4. Though we encourage you NOT to, if you feel you must meet someone alone, tell at least two people where you're going, the person's name, their general description, and your when you expect to return home. It's also wise to agree you will call them when you get home so that they'll know you've safely returned.

    5. Always meet someone in a neutral location. Never have them come to your home or place of work to pick you up. Take separate cars if possible.

    6. Always meet someone in a public place, such as a restaurant, or a movie theatre.

    7. If you meet someone for a date, take a cellphone with you and make arrangements with a friend to be available for you to call should there be a problem.

    8. Use common sense. If you get a bad "vibe" maybe it's time to end the date.

    9. Always be aware of the personal information you're revealing to a date. Be careful!

    10. Last but not least, pray before the date for God to give you discernment.

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