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Play Golf Game Online

How to Play the Golf Game:
Click near the golf ball to unlock the pointer. It will turn white when unlocked. Move the mouse to aim the pointer as desired, click again to lock the aim.

The Swingmeter determines the power and accuracy of the shot. This invovles the backswing and downswing. Click and hold the mouse on the Swingmeter to set power. When desired power is reached, release the mouse to begin the downswing. Releasing the mouse at point "A" represents a golf swing with 100% power. For a less powerful stroke, release the mouse before point "A".

For a straight golf shot, you have to stop the indicator when it reaches point "B". If you stop the indicator before point "B" the ball will hook. If you stop the indicator after point "B" the ball will slice. Play a good game!

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